Creating sustainable value, effortlessly

  • Helping your organization to be inspired, engaged and empowered

The world is rapidly and constantly changing. Organizations need to adapt to stay relevant, successful and attractive for new talent. This is when leadership needs to provide clear guidance and alignment. We help you how to empower the people and improve execution in your organization. We show you how to activate and motivate your people to higher level of engagement. We share C-level experience, inspiring new insights with practical solutions.

We want you to become aware of the invisible drivers of behavior and barriers for change in your organization. Our approach is different and non-prescriptive because it is your story. Each journey is different. You choose where to start your journey.

Let’s start with what’s on your mind today!

Are you looking for new ways to advance into the future?

Do you want to increase the energy level in your organization?

Why not capitalize all the creativity in your organization?

How do you create sustainable value?

  • Contagiously inspiring leadership

For leaders to be inspirational and authentic, there needs to be consistency between purpose, core values, success definition and strategy. This creates flow, creativity and a clear direction .
A key success factor for creating sustainable value, is the overall perceived energy level in your organization. If this level is high, people will act and think in opportunities and solutions, instead of threats and problems. We love to explore this insight with and show you the tangible results.

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  • Happily engaged people in your organization!

As a leader, you know that your people are at the heart of your organization. You want to engage with them, understand them, support them, and inspire them! Start building and growing the connection by starting a structural reflective dialogue with all your employees and stakeholders. If done structurally and transparently, you will create a secure base of trust, where people feel safe to speak up, take initiative and contribute.

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  • Ridiculous good ideas: unlock the potential!

Idea realization is a new way of creating new or improved services and products, sustainable cost savings and process improvements. We help you to create a process and culture of sustainable idea realization. We facilitate the process to create, collect, select and implement the wealth of ideas. that currently resides within your employees, clients and partners. When people can realize their own Ideas, creativity, engagement and pride will increase and success is guaranteed. Our technology enables dialogue and idea realization on an unprecedented scale: your entire organization!

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Aligned Leadership Most Popular!

  • Inspiring Purpose
  • Energy Dynamics
  • Visionary Strategy
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People Engagement Most Popular!

  • Reflective Dialogue
  • Living Values
  • Employee Recognition
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Idea Realization Most Popular!

  • Idea Realization
  • Process Embedding
  • Value Engineering
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  • Why work with us?

We combine C level experience, disruptive thinking, creativity and practical execution.

After successful careers in international executive and boardroom positions, the same as where you are in now, we know what works and what does not, we know the challenges of change programs and why many of them do not work in the end. We offer peer to peer reflection and insight. So, our key question was, “what is the change that is needed to become a healthy organization that can effortlessly create sustainable value?” After a deep dive in various theories, practices and having experienced these new insights ourselves, we have cracked the code!

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  • This is what sustainable looks like!
  • Resonant inspiring purpose, guiding the whole organization
  • Aware and aligned leadership, personal and organizational
  • Increased level of energy: buzzing, vibrating and sensing
  • Engaged people, thinking in opportunities
  • A value driven culture: transparent, consistent, purpose driven
  • A new definition of success: financial, social, stakeholder, innovation
  • Insights to an agile structure that provides you with the flexibility to adapt
  • Idea realization firmly embedded in the core of your process

We will guide you on your journey