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SPARQ360 is a global consulting and technology company that helps clients to optimize their global SUPPLY CHAIN and implement effective SUSTAINABILITY solutions. A unique combination of people, process and technology identifies opportunities, designs future proof strategies and implements the solutions in an effective way. SPARQ360 activates the collective intelligence of people and with that improves PEOPLE ENGAGEMENT and CHANGE MANAGEMENT. Our Supply Chain consulting solutions include global supply chain engineering, 4PL control tower management, network optimization, supply chain and warehouse design, freight procurement and change management.

Our Sustainability solutions help clients to get started with the sustainability journey, accelerate and expand existing programs, improve value chain collaboration and outsource sustainable solutions as managed service. Our SUSTAINABILITY 360 technology portal links a suite of sustainability solutions to collaborate, innovate, engage, learn and track progress, under one button. Our People engagement and Change management solutions are based on a unique methodology and technology- the SPARQ360 value circle™- that activates the collective intelligence of people in networks and organizations.

supply chain consulting

A best-in-class supply chain is the perfect balance between service levels, costs, flexibility, reliability & innovation. With our expertise in global supply chain, we have optimized over $1,2bn spend and generated substantial savings.
Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) programs become a must have for each organization and will significantly impact the way you work today. We help you to initiate, accelerate or operate successful ESG programs.

people engagement & Change management

To become sustainable as an organization, you need to get all stakeholders incl. employees, suppliers and clients engaged and share best practices and ideas where possible. We provide the best in class solution for that.

At SPARQ360, we want to activate the collective intelligence of people. We have developed unique methods and technology that combines the best ideas and expertise of clients, communities and SPARQ360 subject matter experts. Our 360-degree approach allows for a model where everyone can participate, progress is transparent and results are delivered to all stakeholders. Our technology enables clients to realize effective supply chain, sustainability and people engagement programs with maximized results.


We activate the collective intelligence across multiple locations which enables organizations to adapt / innovate faster and better.

supply chain

We help shippers and logistics providers optimizes their supply chains through our experience and LEAN methodologies. We have generated significant costs savings and service improvements globally.


We work with multiple healthcare organizations around the world. We help drive better care and improved cost efficiency. Additionally, SPARQ360 enables higher levels of employee engagement and innovation.

government & non-profit

We help governments and organizations connect with their citizens and members. We have tools and processes that allows better communication to generate support for changes and improvements.

private equities

We drive cost efficiency and portfolio optimization for Private Equity organizations. We drive best practices and activate the collective intelligence across the organizations.
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Generated Executable Ideas
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Realized savings
$ 1 B
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“The open exchange of ideas is believed by our society to be the best mechanism for the ultimate evolution of solutions.

- Sadofsky

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