Our innovative solutions support several business areas and sectors. All solutions are build around the central theme - ACTIVATING THE COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. We use the SPARQ360 Value Circle™, an unique combination of experienced people, certified process and leading technology that provides an integrated approach that supports the solutions for clients in multiple sectors.

Our world is changing faster and faster. Organizations need to adapt to stay in the game. Most people don’t like change or have issues to support change for all different reasons. Often, there is a certain skepticism towards change. 'Is this again a new project that won’t be completed? This just a new idea coming from management, nobody listens to us before and asks what we really need!’ It is difficult to manage successful change in a culture with resistance. It only works with the buy and support of the people in the organization

Change Management

Create buy-in and commitment

Our process and tools help you to identify support and resistance for change and discovers way to speed up and facilitate change management. While setting clear objectives, the road to get to success can be altered to address objections and thus develop buy-in and support. This will allow you to meet your targets easier and faster. The 3 steps of the Sparq360 Value Circle TM assure that the voice of the organization is heard in the design and development of new plans and projects. It gives you insight in the support for a project before you start and helps to shape it better for acceptance. Ideation is a process and tool that provides you new ideas and insights of the workforce, internal and external experts that will enrich your projects and improves acceptance and support. It identifies that champions and supporters that can be used during project-implementation and evaluation. The realization process, finally, provides tools that help teams to implement projects in a pragmatic, simple and effective way and provides structure thru the whole organization.

Efficient supply chains are the one of the main drivers of a successful business model. Successful supply chains are flexible, lean, transparant, innovative, customer centric and aligned to the overall company strategy. Often, organisations are challenged to maintain the quality of their supply chain. Many internal and external influences push for changes in the supply chain, such as changing customer needs, M&A, cost pressure, governmental and environmental requirements, competition and last but not least the need to innovate. It is often a matter of change or die.

4PL Supply Chain Optimization


With our extensive global network of supply chain experts, LEAN processes and supply chain optimization tools, we help clients to optimise their supply chains and prepare for future growth. Our solutions include management and optimization of freight networks, network and warehouse design, freight procurement , freight audit and pay, 4PL control tower management and value engineering. A key differentiator in our solution is the way how SPARQ360 utilises the collective intelligence and expertise in the client organization. The deployment of the SPARQ360 VALUE CIRCLETM garantuees the optimal mix of of the client and SPARQ360 expertise and knowledge. This generates the best solutions that we leverage to all parts of the clients organization. With a supply chain spend under management of $600M for multiple clients in different sectors, we have generated significant savings while improving service levels at the same time.

Today’s world of exponential technical and social developments push organizations for change. It´s a matter of improve, innovate or die. You always want to be that one step ahead. SPARQ360 has developed a unique solution to support large organizations to activate the collective intelligence of their people and network to the max. The SPARQ360 VALUE CIRCLE TM include Dialogue, Ideation and Realization. All three modules support the optimal process of open innovation and continuous improvement programs and assure the engagement and involvement of those employees, clients, suppliers ands stakeholders that can and want to be involved in a successful program.Our processes and tools are very user-friendly, open and encourage people to submit ideas and comments thru out the whole process.



Our integrated approach guarantees that ideas and opinions form the crowd are tracked and linked to actual implemented projects and backwards. This way, SPARQ360 helps you to co-create the future together. Through our decades of experience in LEAN and 4PL Supply chain, SPARQ360 has extensive hands-on experience in implementing global continuous improvement programs. We deploy an array of LEAN processes and tools that facilitate quick results. Tools like Value stream mappings, Continuous improvement roadmaps and Readiness assessments help your teams to take ownership of the ideas to improve. The SPARQ360 idea funnel provides transparency throughout the whole process, so everyone can follow the progress and share successes. We inspire the idea generation process by sharing trends and best practices from multiple industries. By inviting as many people as possible to share their views, and recognizing the best ideas, people feel heard and included. This way, SPARQ360 helps you to Activate the collective intelligence.

We believe that a ‘secure base’ Culture and a high level of engagement is the foundation you need for effective change and innovation. For the seeds of new initiatives to grow you need fertile ground. On frozen grounds your seed will not flourish. If people do not feel heard or recognised it is unlikely that they will support or actively participate in your change management programs or strategic initiatives. That is why SPARQ360 believes that engagement is critical to your success.



When people’s intrinsic motivation is high, they will gladly participate, your initiatives will be implemented and the value creation will prove to be sustainable. We help you to build secure base culture and improve engagement with your employees and clients. This will improve retention rates, lower sickness and will build your reputations as a an employer of choice. In the current war for talent, a value based culture and people engagement are key factors for success. Building confidence and trust is the foundation of sustainable value creation. SPARQ360 has extensive experience in the building and roll out of extensive regional Culture programs, supported by employee recognition programs. We can assess, monitor and measure the actual engagement level in your organization and identify and pinpoint turn over risk in your organization.

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