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  • Dialogue and Idea Realization Tools

Our technology supports and enhances the talents and creativity of your people and facilitates awareness, collaboration, communication and visibility on a global level. It supports the 6 step Idea realization process of a reflective dialogue, creation, collection, selection and realization of ideas, while at the same time reporting and tracking progress and results, thus creating transparency on the success of the program.

We have selected the best available applications for a reflective Dialogue and Idea Realization.

Our technology is trusted and used all over the world.

  • Secure SaaS Technology

We provide you with a centralized interface across your organization with a Single sign-on SaaS solution to create and collaborate on ideas. It is easy to install, easy configure and easy to operate. If necessary we can work together with your existing systems. Our applications are cloud based, and we can implement our processes and tools globally. Our technology architecture and database is meeting all security standards and on request we provide all necessary security certifications The applications will collect the data and will give you the information needed to make well informed choices, and measure progress and results.

  • SHAREwise – Our Dialogue Tool

Our text mining algorithm will cluster comparable responses into one qualitative response. And we get to the real opinion of your people by giving them an opportunity to reflect: In step 1 each gives his response on a question. Then we cluster the responses in packets of 20 and give these back to the respondents so they can learn from the responses of their colleagues, reflect on it and change their opinion. They then select their top 3 responses. We then accumulate the results. This way your collect valuable qualitative as well as quantitative data. A few technology references: ABN AMRO, Erasmus University and ING.

  • SPARQspace – Our Idea Realization Tool

This tool creates a funnel of ideas and is one of the most comprehensive idea and innovation management solutions in the world. The design can be customized per client and offers unmatched visual and technical flexibility, a full suite of powerful evaluation tools, scoreboards, KPI’s and transparency on a global basis. Used by > 2 million users worldwide. A few technology references: Nestle, Lufthansa, Bank of America. Our technology takes care of the multi lingual differences. Input from different languages can be automatically translated and combined.

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