The power of sustainability engagement & ideation under one button.

Each organization is at a different level in their sustainability efforts. As stated in the report ‘State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2021’ by MIT & CSCMP there are levels from `low effort‘ to ´leader‘ organizations. Most organizations after mapping their baseline and setting their sustainability goals (often a selection of UN sustainable development goals), need to develop a roadmap for the journey ahead. To develop and successfully realize this roadmap, engagement and ideation are indispensable.
A large part of success depends on getting all stakeholders to participate. The success of sustainability programs depends on the engagement of employees, suppliers, clients and other external stakeholders. This is where SPARQ360 comes in to accelerate sustainable engagement and maximize ideation for you to reach your sustainability goals.
The SUSTAINABILITY360 platform makes it all possible through an integrated methodology and tools. Our SUSTAINABILITY360 engagement and ideation solutions are developed specifically to inspire, involve and connect employees, suppliers, customers and other external stakeholders, resulting in the increase of employee engagement on the topic of sustainability. Ideation empowers people to share their ideas with the whole organization, even connecting internal and external stakeholders.
Actual realization of ideas becomes possible though a strong workflow management. Making it possible to share best practices through a platform that is user-friendly and easily accessible worldwide.
With SUSTAINABILITY360 you have the power of engagement and ideation at your fingertips.




A high level of people engagement is crucial to achieving sustainability goals. When people are not on board, they will not participate or become truly involved. The use of ideation is also of paramount importance to prevent ideas from being lost. Great ideas and valuable input will go to waste.
Investing in engagement and ideation empowers people and their ideas thus benefiting all parties involved. That is exactly why we are committed to help organizations, groups, stakeholders etc. to accelerate and secure sustainable engagement for long-term business success and the wellbeing of your people.
As Sustainability is a key driver for innovation and change. Engagement and ideation will drive performance and bring your sustainability to another level.


1 methodology, 1 platform


A succesful mix of 3 elements, people, process and technology are at the heart of our methodology. The SPARQ360 value circle™ method is the core part of the SUSTAINABILITY360 platform. With this methodology and an extended toolbox, we can assess and determine at what level your engagement on sustainability is. From there, we start the process of increasing engagement and applying ideation to generate and implement ideas, and embed these in the organization. It is never one size fits all.
The SUSTAINABILITY360 platform gives each organization the flexibility to get a tailormade sustainability solution. That is what makes this method unique as every organization or group is unique.


power tools to maximize engagement


We only use innovative technology that add real value to our platform and our clients. Providing you with a technology suite that enables organization-wide visibility, so you can monitor progress and results.
Through our SPARQ360 sustainability engagement software, a variety of campaigns are available for people to engage in. This technology combines inspiration, actions, learning, gamification, recognition and measurements to drive the right behavior, culture and engagement with a clear reporting on engagement.

Our unique SPARQ360 2 round dialogue software enables you to understand fast and easy what the top themes of interest are that motivate your stakeholders to participate in sustainability programs. Through AI technology, the tool activates participants to collaborate and share opinions in a very transparent way.

The SPARQ360 industry leading ideation technology supports the creation and sharing of ideas to improve sustainability within your eco-system, including suppliers and clients. It maximizes collaboration in a very efficient and effective way. Results become transparent. Ideas will be achievable projects that come to live. Best practices can be shared and accelerate results. Communication improves. People get inspired.

USE UN SDGs as a framework to create a strong strategy and drive performance.

All organizations profit and have a clear interest driving progress toward the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) outcome. Thus, create shared value, help to secure the ability to generate capital and shareholder value over the long-term. Support resilient communities, reliable access to natural resources, and an educated and healthy population to support their workforce. Let purpose become the focus to create long-lasting positive change.

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