innovation& continuous improvement

Make innovation and continuous improvement your day to day practice.


The challenge

In today’s world of rapidly evolving technical and social developments, organizations are pushed to change. And the speed of change is still accelerating. To stay ahead and keep up with this constant change, you need new ideas quickly. The reality is that you improve and innovate or die. You always want to be that one step ahead.

innovation & continuous improvement

The solution

Through our reflective dialogue, you can engage people, invite their input and make them feel heard and recognized. This will increase engagement and is the solution to a good workplace environment in which employees will thrive and deliver results.
Through real-time engagement monitoring, we can assess, monitor and measure actual engagement levels in your organization and pinpoint turnover risk.
SPARQ360 has extensive experience in building and rolling out regional culture programs supported by employee recognition programs. As rewards & recognition help create a good workplace culture instead of a toxic work environment.

innovation & continuous improvement

The solution

SPARQ360 has developed a unique solution to support large organizations to activate the collective intelligence of their people. The SPARQ360 Value Circle™ is a three-step process that begins with the dialogue phase where we uncover the themes that are prevalent within the organization, followed by ideation in which we create a robust idea management process and transparency on progress and results. Finally, the realization phase serves to support your staff in implementing the ideas and taking ownership of the change.
Our flexible, user-friendly processes and integrated approach guarantees that ideas and opinions from the crowd are tracked and linked to actual implemented projects and backward. Through our decades of experience in LEAN and 4PL Supply Chain, SPARQ360 has extensive hands-on experience in implementing global continuous improvement programs. We deploy an array of LEAN processes and tools like Value Stream Mappings, Continuous Improvement Roadmaps, and Readiness Assessments. We support the program or project with additional resources, when needed.

Innovation & continuous improvement

The results

Innovation & continuous improvement

The results

constant flow of new ideas

Constant flow of new, valuable ideas out of the organization to improve your products, processes or develop new ones.

structured workflow

A structured workflow process from idea generation to implementation to guarantee a successful implementation of the best ideas.

discovery of champions

Identification of the most creative, engaged and forward- thinking resources in your organization a network that help you to move forward.

succesful solution implementation

A successful solution that creates momentum and delivers measurable results.

dynamic reporting

Transparent and interactive reporting that provides all required insights for all stakeholders.

Case study


The clients demand

A global manufacturer of life sciences and hospital solutions was looking for continuous improvement ideas for it’s entire supply chain in order to increase flexibility, generate synergies and reduce costs.

The Solution

We implemented a structured idea realization process where we used LEAN principles and crowdsourcing to generate savings and global process alignment. Lean tools and global workflow management helped to share best practices in the client’s global supply chain and build global new processes with a focus on a continuous improvement value flow.

The Result

· Engaged partnership with high degrees of collaboration.

· $10 million of savings over a 2-year period.

· Reduced freight-spend by 7% in the first year alone.

· Ideation and continuous improvement program embedded in the supply chain organization.

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