change management

Facilitate and accelerate change.


The challenge

Our world is changing faster and faster. Organizations need to adapt to stay in the game. However, organizational change is often met with resistance for a number of reasons: "Is this another a new project that won’t be completed?", or “No one has ever really listened to us and asked what we really needed!” As a result it is difficult to accelerate change and manage it successfully and especially in a culture with resistance. Hence it only works with the buy-in and support of the people in the organization.


The solution

The three steps of our proprietary SPARQ360 Value Circle™ process assures the voice of the organization is heard in the design and development of a change management program:

• Dialogue – The dialogue step gives you insight into the support and resistance before you start. And assists to shape it better for acceptance.

• Ideation – Through ideation, new ideas are collected as well as insights of the workforce and internal/external experts. It identifies champions and supporters that can be used during project implementation and evaluation.

• Realization – The final step provides tools that help teams to implement projects in a pragmatic, simple and effective way. Providing structure throughout the organization.

Through this process, support and resistance to change and methods that accelerate and facilitate change management can be identified. By recognizing resistance and addressing objections, you develop buy-in and support while staying on your course to reach your objectives. This will allow you to fully meet your targets easier and faster. 

change management

The results

Bottom up

Program design includes bottom up ideas to maximize buy-in and support.

risk reduction

Reduced risk of failure by testing the solution up front.

Increased support

Increased acceptance and support of change by the organization accelerate change.


Leverage of best practices within the organization.

process improvement

Identified supporters and detractors of change and use their input to support and improve the process.

Case study


The clients demand

A large European logistics provider with strong growth thru acquisitions, had the need to improve the sales processes and organization within their 27 offices in 7 countries. Each office had their own process and organization with very limited leverage and coordination.

The Solution

SPARQ360 deployed the value circle to engage all employees in the group through reflective dialogue. And captured a sales SWOT analysis. This resulted in a clear list of top themes and volunteers to join the sales improvement program. SPARQ360 ideation and realization solutions supported the client’s further development and rollout of 18 improvement projects.

The Result

A structured, successful sales improvement program, approved by the workforce, that covered the needs and ideas of the organization. It identified ambassadors within the organization who supported the change and made accelerated change happen. The SPARQ360 Value Circle™ prompted the start of a culture and mindset of continuous improvement with effective tools and processes to engage the staff. Hence generating and improving new ideas while implementing a simple standardized process and workflow.

A best in class Supply Chain is the perfect balance between service levels, costs, flexibility, reliability, risk, and innovation.. With our expertise in global 4PL Transport and warehouse management, IT, S&OP, SPARQ360 has generated over $1Billion savings Supply Chain spend. 

Today’s world of exponential change push organizations to adapt. It´s a matter of improve, innovate or die. How to stay one step ahead? SPARQ360 has a unique solution to activate the collective intelligence of the people in your organization to the max.

For any change to be sustainable, it needs to be embedded in a safe and trusted culture, and become part of the daily routine. Change becomes an opportunity, leadership supports, employees execute and are engaged. SPARQ360 helps you to create this culture. 

In this sector we help to increase profitability and sharing of best practices by deploying the SPARQ360 Value CircleTM.
Enabling PE’s to improve visibility and value growth across their portfolio.

We help to connect with citizens, implement effective processes for change and offer tools to communicate with stakeholders, communities to generate support and invite input for ideas.

 We engage with multiple hospitals and healthcare organizations to create better care, more cost efficiency and higher levels of employee engagement. 

Around the world we help clients  to optimize their supply chain. With our deep experience in 4PL  and global expertise we have generated large savings. 

For successful change, acceptance and support in the organization is crucial. Projects will fail without the decent buy in and involvement of the workforce. SPARQ360 helps to increase speed of change, people acceptance and program effectiveness.