The challenge

The healthcare sector in every global region is facing major challenge. People are aging more, diseases get more complex, Medical technology develops faster and faster. Cost increase fast, Patients have increasing demands and the availability of skilled clinical and medical staff is under high pressure. All these developments put much pressure on people and costs of healthcare systems and Hospitals. Things must change and innovative solutions are needed to address the challenges. Implementations of new innovation solutions are only successful, if the people who need to use them, support the change. Own employees often have the best ideas and want to be heard. They only support new projects that are completed and evaluated.


The solution

SPARQ360 provides solutions to improve Change management, Innovation & Continuous Improvement. We help clients to involve all employees in these programs, so they feel engaged and actively participate. We do this by deploying modules from the SPARQ360 VALUE CIRCLE™, which includes processes and technology to improve ENGAGEMENT via dialogue. We capture all ideas from Healthcare professionals to improve Care and Cure to the patient in idea Management programs via IDEATION. And we facilitate implementation by deploying simple LEAN/Agile processes for effective REALISATION. This methodology is successfully used in several Healthcare systems in The Netherlands and US.


The results

improved engagement

Improved engagement of employees and partners in Healthcare systems and hospitals.


A transparent funnel of innovative ideas coming from inside the organization and from partners that can be leveraged within the whole healthcare system.


Effective change management, where employees and partners are actively involved in the process, increase support for change and improve the quality of the new implemented solution.

sustainable culture

A sustainable culture that is focused on continuous improvement, where employees have the bandwidth and empowerment to improve their own environment.


Standardized easy implementation processes that can be used in small project teams and leveraged thru out the larger organization.

Case study


The clients demand

A leading hospital was looking to improve their culture & engagement and build support for a planned restructuring.

The Solution

We implemented our Dialogue solution to assess support and resistance to the planned changes, and launched over 12 dialogues in a year to all staff. As a result, people felt included and shared their support and concerns, facilitating the change management process and creating buy-in and participation from the staff.

The Result

Engagement levels in 1 year showed a significant improvement as a result of engaging people through Engagement.

Our clients