Change easier, Innovate faster



The challenge

Our world is changing faster and faster. Organizations need to adapt to stay in the game. Most people don’t like change or have issues to support change for all different reasons. Often, there is a certain skepticism towards change…. ‘Is this again a new project that won’t be completed? This is yet another new idea coming from management, nobody listens to us before and asks what we really need!’ It is difficult to manage successful change in a culture with resistance. It only works with the buy and support of the people in the organization.


The solution

Our process and tools help you to identify support and resistance for change and discovers way to speed up and facilitate change management. While setting clear objectives, the road to get to success can be altered to address objections and thus develop buy-in and support. This will allow you to meet your targets easier and faster. The 3 steps of the Sparq360 Value Circle TM assure that the voice of the organization is heard in the design and development of new plans and projects. It provides insight in the support for a project before it starts and will help to design it in such a way that buy-in and acceptance are optimized. Ideation is a process and tool that provides you new ideas and insights of the workforce, internal and external experts that will enrich your projects and improves acceptance and support. It identifies that champions and supporters that can be used during project-implementation and evaluation. The realization process, finally, provides tools that help teams to implement projects in a pragmatic, simple and effective way and provides structure throughout the whole organization.

change management

The results

Bottom up ideas

Includes bottom up ideas to improve future state process.

reduced risk

Reduces risk of failure by testing the solution up front.

Increased support

Increases acceptance and support of change by the organization.

sharing best practices

Sharing and leveraging of best practices within the organization.

supporters & ambassadors

Identifies supporters and detractors of change and use their input to support and improve the process.

Case study

Creating support for Change

The clients demand

A large European logistics provider with strong growth thru acquisitions, had the need to change and improve the sales processes and organization within their 27 offices in 7 countries. Each office had their own process and organization with very limited leverage and coordination.

The Solution

SPARQ360 deployed the Value circle™ to facilitate this change program and engage with all sales employees via reflective dialogue. The results where translated into a  sales SWOT analysis. The results where a clear list of top themes and volunteers to join the sales improvement program. SPARQ360 ideation & realization solutions supported the further development and roll out of 18 improvement projects.

The Result

A structured and successful change management program taking Sales to the next level, taking into account the needs and ideas of the organization. As a result the changes were supported by the whole workforce. Identification of ambassadors within the organization who supported the change and made it happen. Start of a culture and mindset of continuous improvement with effective tools and processes to engage the staff, generate and improve new ideas  and implement the via a simple standardized process and workflow.

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