LEAN Methodology, a key to the success of Idea Realization


We provide Consulting, Program, Project and Process implementation, using our LEAN based methodology and expert resources.


Realization and consulting is where we transform ideas into actual results. Thru workflow management and Continuous Improvement Roadmaps we facilitate the realization of the selected ideas. Dependent on your needs, SPARQ360 supports process, project (idea) and program implementations. Together with your people, we implement the selected ideas from the ideation process and validate the results at the completion of the program.
Our Program Management Office (PMO) services include program and resource planning, dependency management, escalation management, project team and steering team management. To ensure that the value of this solution is sustainable, we will help you to embed the ideas into the day-to-day practice. We can use LEAN Methodology, thus creating more value for you.

Supply Chain consulting

SPARQ360 provides a wide range of consulting services that augment our Realization offering. We are able to assess the capability of a given supply chain, operation, or organization and quickly assess gaps or opportunities for improvement.
We consistently discover and drive savings to our customers - who often share some of the savings with SPARQ360 in a gain share program.

Applied LEAN methodology

LEAN methodology can be applied throughout the organization to eliminate waste. SPARQ360 can lead a LEAN assessment of your company's current state, identify gaps, and provide a roadmap to start or enhance your LEAN journey.
We typically create a Continuous Improvement Roadmap (CIR) and make extensive use of A3 - storyboards - to drive value.

How we work


Readiness Assessment

We start with assessing your organizations engagement and implementation readiness. For this we use our assessment tools and will conduct Go Look Go See visits on site.


Program Management

Based on an agreed scope of work, a clear understanding of your objectives and a clear definition of success, we jointly create the optimal roll out program that fit with your organizations capabilities and availability to implement.



Using our deep LEAN expertise and tools, we help you with executing the plan in the workplace. Based on your implementation needs, and available resources, we will manage the solution on a Program level, project level or process level. LEAN Methodology will be key in creating sustainable results.



To make our solution truly sustainable, it needs to become embedded in your day-to-day practice. SPARQ360 facilitates this embedding in 3 cycles. In Cycle I we show you how to launch and execute the solution. In Cycle II we repeat the process on a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ basis, where we train and coach your champions. In Cycle III we remain connected to monitor and guide.

Case studies


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And Even More Features


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Health care  LEAN Methodology


The clients demand

A global leading manufacturer of Life Sciences and Hospital Solutions, was looking to outsource it’s entire supply chain in order to increase flexibility, generate synergies and reduce costs.

The solution

We implemented a structured Idea Realization process where we used LEAN principles and crowdsourcing to generate savings and global process alignment. Lean tools and global workflow management helped to share best practices in the client’s global supply chain and build global new processes with a focus on a continuous improvement value flow.

The result

Applied LEAN Methodology resulted in year over year productivity savings over 10% in the client supply chain and in some regions improved order to cash cycles with over 30%.

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