People Engagement

  • People are at the heart of your organization

You probably agree, ‘yes, my employees are the most important asset’, but how often are you in actual dialogue with all your employees? Do you really know what is on their mind, how they feel, what their insights are? Are you sure that your employees feel recognized, appreciated, safe? How engaged are your employees? How much momentum can you create by opening a dialogue? Do you realize how much value lies hidden within your organization?

  • Reflective Dialogue

True connection and engagement starts with a structural dialogue. Such a dialogue is something completely different than an employee or customer survey. It is an interactive process of questions and open answers where people can reflect on each other’s feedback. Through our technology you can connect with all your employees, customers and stakeholders and ask for advice, feedback or information. The engagement program starts with a reflective dialogue, reaching out to all employees, explaining the reasons for the program and inviting everyone to participate. When employees see the commitment to the program and experience the transparency in communication, people will be happy to participate.

  • Living Values

Consistent behaviour is based on a value based culture, with a clear set of values. These values are the reflection of your organization’s DNA and are the basis for decision making and behaviour. These values are a natural extension of your purpose. If you currently have these values defined but they are not lived and breathed in your organization, we will help you make them come alive! We start with an assessment of the current state. How are the values communicated, do they drive behaviour? Are they consistently applied throughout all layers of the organization? Are they alive and part of the actual experience of employees and customers? Then we determine the desired state: if needed, we add new values or redefine the current values based on the new purpose and leadership perspective.

  • Employee Recognition

If people are aware of the values and recognize how to apply in practice, we can define an employee recognition program that will enable everyone in the organisation to award peers, subordinates and superiors for exemplary behaviour demonstrating one or more of the corporate values. This is where you celebrate success together. By recognizing employees that show exemplary behaviour you demonstrate how much you value their contribution. They are the ambassadors of your culture and values. By celebrating successes you will increase the level of engagement and inclusiveness.