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"Partnership matters!"

It was at a conference.
A big HR Tech conference in Amsterdam. That’s where we first met and began our relationship.
Attuned and SPARQ360 were in the section of small booths for new startups, and we got talking.

Now our partnership has blossomed in a big way.

Attuned and SPARQ360 working across continents, partnering in Europe and North America, to help offer uniquely innovative business solutions by combining Attuned’s intrinsic motivation SaaS platform with SPARQ360’s systems integration and management consulting know-how.

Our partnership is a close one with the vision to help enterprise companies through the people issues that tend to be the roadblocks in engagement and change management initiatives. With Attuned’s unique insights into what motivates each team member, and how to communicate on a much more fundamental level to drive empathy, and SPARQ360’s decades of cumulative experience leading change management and integration projects, the partnership is uniquely capable of helping solve sticky people management issues.

SPARQ360 and Attuned work with major companies in industries ranging from medical solutions providers to automotive parts manufacturers.

Some of the problems that our partnership looks to solve:

• Drive revenue growth through productivity increases
• Reducing unwanted employee turnover
• Building deeper relationships between managers and teams
• Optimizing Team mix
• Management of distributed teams
• Drive up engagement, resulting in higher productivity in sales teams
• Creating an environment of psychological safety

Arthur van Gerven

Arthur van Gerven

Facilitates improvements with strong client centric view and supporting teams to be successful are key words for his skillset.

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