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Today’s business climate is rapidly changing and becoming more competitive than ever. Businesses now not only need to operate at a lower cost to compete, but they also need to develop their own core competencies to distinguish themselves from competitors and stand out in the market. And today, supply chain has become a variable they need to focus on for carving a niche in the market.

However, because of the market volatility and a host of other factors, businesses are still facing impediments to optimize their supply chain. This is where SPARQ360 comes in. Incepted in 2016, SPARQ360’s mission is to help companies optimize their supply chains.The company has thrived in the industry over the past three years and has set the highest benchmark in the supply chain world with its best-in-class services. But, to know how SPARQ360 has evolved into a leading service provider in a very short span of time, we need to look back at the foundation laid by its founders.

The founders of SPARQ360 spent years at a leading global 3PLwhere they were exposed to a diverse offering of supply chains, cultures, and best practices in all regions of the globe. Backed by extensive supply chain and management experience, they successfully addressed the supply chain challenges faced by companies. 

The Four Pillars of SPARQ360

Apart from supply chain management, the company addresses key challenges such as improvement of employee engagement, successful change management, faster innovation, and continuous improvement programs to lower costs.  Moreover, the company helps mid-size and large organizations around the world with four tailored services: change management, culture and employee engagement programs, innovation and continuous improvement programs, and 4PL supply chain optimization.

Change Management

Acceptance and support in the organization are crucial for successful change. Hence, SPARQ360 helps to significantly increase the success of large project implementations by increasing acceptance of all users and stakeholders.

Culture and employee engagement programs

Apart from change management, SPARQ360 also helps companies to build a high level of employee engagement. It ensures that the ideas and suggestions of employees are captured, improved, and implemented to the benefit of customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement Programs

“Innovate or die” is the reality of today’s tech-driven world in which organizations are pushed to embrace change to survive.  So, to keep up with this constant change, companies need to stay one step ahead with their ideas and innovation.  They need to utilize all available sources to create new products, improve processes, or be more efficient and effective. SPARQ360 provides tools and processes to generate and realize their ideas based on the needs of organizations.

4PL Supply Chain Optimization

With an extensive global network of supply chain experts, LEAN processes, and supply chain optimization tools, SPARQ360 helps its clients optimize their supply chains and prepare for future growth. Its solutions include 4PL control tower management, value engineering, optimization of freight networks, supply chain, warehouse design, freight procurement, freight audit, and pay.

Having several technology solutions to support their processes, SPARQ360 helps organizations unlock the potential of their people and activate their collective intelligence.

“Our passion is to bring the ‘SPARQ’ back into organizations by making people feel heard, engaged and empowered. By activating the collective intelligence, we create momentum where organizations are stuck,” says Morgan.

The SPARQ360 Value Circle™

One key attribute that sets the company apart is its SPARQ360 Value Circle™, a unique methodology that supports all its four core services in a perfect way.

The SPARQ360 Value Circle™ involves three phases: Engagement, Ideate, and Realize. If organizations enter the SPARQ360 Value Circle at any point, the most common starting point would be the engagement phase. In this phase, SPARQ360 offers two unique technologies to measure employee engagement and to drive and improve engagement. Once employees are engaged, it asks companies for their ideas to innovate or improve. And to support this process and enable scalability and transparency, two different ideation technologies are implemented. 

Finally, SPARQ360 uses a series of analytic tools with expansive reporting and dashboards during the implementation phase. Thus, using a variety of technology tools, LEAN processes, and proven best practices, SPARQ360 helps organizations to generate momentum and deliver results.

Creating and Driving Value for Customer

Since its inception, SPARQ360 has helped numerous clients across various industries in creating and driving value while enabling them to remain a step ahead. In fact, many of its clients have realized $5+ million in annual savings while improving their culture and engagement.

In one instance, a leading producer of bottles and cans experienced increased supply chain costs and operational disruptions. They approached SPARQ360 for help. By applying all elements of its value circle such as engagement, ideation, and realization, SPARQ360 provided skilled LEAN resources to assess the current state and developed a plan for the future of the company. As a result, the client realized lower supply chain costs by $8 million.

Being a customer-centric company, the company also understands the nuances and challenges of each culture and thus fosters collaboration, joint ownership of projects, and shared successes.   “We are a value and service driven organization that operates on the basis of trust and thrives when providing good service. While technology is a key piece of our offerings, we know that without the people and processes —we cannot create the value that clients are looking for and our company would not exist,” states Morgan.

Set to Expand its Horizons

After conducting more than a million “Dialogues” and more than $20+ million of savings collectively for clients, SPARQ360 is now planning to expand its wings to Asia. The company also intends to develop industry-group verticals in the coming years. 

Regarding the future, Morgan says, “We are starting to expand our existing client relationships across global regions and farther up their value chains to their customers and suppliers.”

Morgan Anderson

Morgan Anderson

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