SPARQ360 Idea Realization

  • Unlocking the full potential of employees, clients and partners

Idea realization is where you capture the momentum and translate engagement and intent into tangible results. Here you actively implement ideas, process improvements and innovations. There is a huge potential and power in the collective intelligence of people. In many organizations, amazing ideas with large potential are present in people’s heads. Sometimes, there are even long lists of them. One challenge however is to select the best, improve and implement them and evaluate the benefits. Another challenge is how to assure that you generate best in class innovative ideas and keep you employees engaged in the process.

We offer a unique combination of People, Process and Technology that makes sure that you ideas are generated and realized in a structured and sustainable way. Using the 6 step process guarantees an effective and successful generation, selection and implementation of the ideas from your organization, your clients or your partners. We use tools like crowd sourcing, open innovation, value steam mapping, campaigns, trend watching and live workshops to engage your people in this process. Our proven Idea management software SPARQspace perfectly facilitates this process and provides full visibility and connection to all participants and stakeholders and provides transparency on a global scale.

  • Idea Realization – the 6 step process
  • Idea Realization

There are so many ideas waiting to be picked up in any organization! Implementing your own idea is fun and will create engagement and pride. We use a 6 step Idea realization process to go from idea generation to enhancement, selection, implementation and reporting. Our Idea Realization specialists, unique processes and technology enable your organization to activate and combine the collective intelligence of you people, customers and partners to generate new ideas and implement them. your organization will benefit from new levels of innovation, engagement and productivity.

  • Process Embedding

Based on our LEAN expertise, we know how to embed the ideas into a new process design and day-to-day practice. As the employees themselves lead the implementation, with support of our Idea Realization experts, they are very familiar with the current process and know best how and where to make the required improvements and what the implications are.

Idea Realization is not a one-off effort. It takes much more te create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We help you to ensure that this process will be integrated into the day to day activities and will be the foundation on which we can create sustainable value together. The embedding is implemented in 3 cycles. In Cycle I we show you how to launch and complete the ideas realization process. In Cycle II we repeat the Idea Realization process on a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ basis, where we train and coach your Idea Realization champions. In Cycle III we only monitor and help you to embed this process in your day-to-day practice.

  • Value Engineering

In many cases, the Idea Realization process generates large and/or complex ideas that can deliver huge savings to your company. If an idea is complicated and needs further expert knowledge or deeper analysis we will deploy our engineers to perform value engineering on the idea and engineer the solution in close cooperation with your team.

We have a network of experienced subject matter experts in multiple disciplines that can scope, analyze, and deliver these ideas to maximize their value. This service can be a natural extension of the previous cycles described above, or we can provide this as a stand-alone service. Examples are: value stream mapping; value chain analysis & optimization; supply chain optimization (transportation, distribution & warehousing); outsourcing support (tender, selection and procurement)

  • Reference Case: Value Engineering

The client's demand

A large US transportation company was looking for a full Transportation network redesign and possible outsourcing. The client lacked supply chain engineering and analytic resources.

The solution

The client submitted extensive data files with daily point to point transactions and asked to perform a full network and optimization analysis based on the provided dataset. We conducted Value Stream Map (VSM) sessions to understand the nodes and flows of product and information. In 4 weeks, the data were analyzed and a full redesign proposal was submitted to the client. Complete with maps and more importantly “scenario’s” that displayed the important trade-offs in terms or cost and service.

The result

The new network design resulted in a better distribution network that was aligned with customer demand. The customer realized an improved service level (10%) and a significant cost reduction (8%).

  • Reference Case: Process Embedding

The client's demand

A global leading manufacturer of Life Sciences and Hospital Solutions, was looking to outsource it’s entire supply chain in order to increase flexibility, generate synergies and reduce costs.

The solution

We implemented a structured Idea Realization process where we used LEAN principles and crowdsourcing to generate savings and global process alignment. Lean tools like Value Stream Mapping, Kaizens and Global workflow management helped to share best practices in the Client’s global supply chain and build global new processes with a focus on a continuous improvement value flow.

The result

The new Idea Realization processes has driven year over year productivity savings over 10% in the client supply chain and in some regions improved order to cash cycles with over 30%.