Idea realization: discover a wealth of wisdom

"Idea Realization unlocks the hidden value in your organization"

Most organizations look for ways to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace. New products or services, new business models, new markets, all opportunities are considered. In many cases they consult subject matter experts, create innovation teams, and organize stakeholder panels. And all of this, no doubt can contribute to the organizations objective if done with the right scope, in the right setting and at the right time. There is a wealth of wisdom however available; an opportunity that in many cases is overlooked. And it is way closer to home! We are talking about the ideas that reside within the minds and hearts of your employees. When was the last time you went to the work floor and spend a day or more just listening to the ideas of employees, asking questions, inviting them to open up?

Nowadays, a lot of companies are so busy keeping the business running, working in a company that is being stretched and operating in an ever faster changing marketplace. There is simply no time to chase after these ideas, as we have to meet our objectives, budgets and targets. At the same time, to actualize some of the brilliant, yet undiscovered ideas could provide cost relief, new avenues for growth or increased well being for your employees. Contribution to the bottom line as well as an improved engagement and energy level in your organization sound like excellent reasons to pursue Idea Realization. With the right balance between self-initiative, guidance and governance, you can create the space to start a momentum of inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity that, once started and nurtured, will never stop.


During my time with Menlo Worldwide as Managing Director for EMEA, we launched a global initiative to adopt LEAN into our corporate culture. Within a year the stream of ideas had turned to such volume that we had to create a pipeline for implementation. The Kaizen teams that implemented their own ideas were our ambassadors on the floor, showing the program was real, the company’s commitment was real, the investments were done and the results were AWESOME. 

After that, the program sold itself: the well of ideas grew and grew. And the engagement of everybody was at such a high level that it become a competitive discriminator during our European tenders. All of this, by simply using Idea Realization, activating the stream of ideas that reside within your employees. It is right here, at your fingertips. The only thing you need to do is pick them up……

Gert Askes

Gert Askes

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