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SPARQ360 is a global consulting and technology company that helps clients to optimize their global SUPPLY CHAIN and implement effective SUSTAINABILITY solutions. A unique combination of people, process and technology identifies opportunities, designs future proof strategies and implements the solutions in an effective way. SPARQ360 activates the collective intelligence of people and with that improves PEOPLE ENGAGEMENT and CHANGE MANAGEMENT

Our Sustainability solutions help clients to get started with the sustainability journey, accelerate and expand existing programs, improve value chain collaboration and outsource sustainable solutions as managed service. Our SUSTAINABILITY 360 technology portal links a suite of sustainability solutions to collaborate, innovate, engage, learn and track progress, under one button.

SPARQ360 helps you to create lasting, positive impact in the world

Sustainable impact is measured by triple bottom-line performance.
the economy, the society, the environment.


“Earth is calling for action and needs us all to act now.”

We feel the responsibility to help companies accelerate their sustainability effort or start them on the journey. We do this through engagement, idea generation and collaboration. Connecting the dots for employees, clients, suppliers and partners.

Where are you now on the spectrum to ESG optimized?

SPARQ360 helps you to activate the collective intelligence of people. We have developed unique methods, tools and technology that combine the best ideas and expertise of clients, communities and SPARQ360 subject matter experts. Our 360-degree approach creates a model that reignites the SPARQ in organizations that are stuck. Engages PEOPLE so that each individual feels heard, engaged and empowered to realize their full potential. Progress is transparent and results are delivered to all stakeholders. The process itself is transformative, as PEOPLE and TEAMS engage, communicate and become better aligned to your company’s purpose and ESG goals.

SPARQ360 Sustainability solution teams meet you where you are.

We help you INITIATE ESG planning, development, monitoring and reporting, ACCELERATE, expand or improve depth of existing programs or help to OPERATE or execute programs in particular geographies or functional areas.

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