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Private equity has grown dramatically over the past decade. Investor allocations, the outperformance of private equity versus public companies, and market appreciation have grown global assets to a new high of $3.6 trillion, excluding venture capital. As industry growth slows, private equity firms will continue to shift more time and resources from front office deal-making to growing profitability through restructuring and operational efficiencies. Key questions managers need to answer in this process include “How do I integrate the acquired companies into the portfolio?” How do I optimize the operational spend? Where can I improve our processes? And how do we create the maximum value in our portfolio?” While private equity firms have historically focused on growing the value of the fund through securing favorable deal terms during the acquisition of portfolio companies, these terms have lessened in attractiveness due to lower available levels of financial leverage. As a result, PE managers have turned their attention toward post-deal value creation. Though the goal is still to focus on finding portfolio companies with good products, services, and distribution during the deal-making process, optimizing the performance of the acquired business is the first rule in the playbook after the deal is done.

PRivate equities

La solution

SPARQ360 provides solutions to improve Engagement, facilitate Change management and accelerate Continuous Improvement. Key focus is to involve all relevant stakeholders and identify the promotors, distractors, motivators and demotivators thru our fact-based approach. This helps to create buy in for changes and active participation of the operating companies. Our Engagement solutions include employee recognition programs and tools to listen to the ‘Voice of the employee’- How can you help your portfolio companies to be successful and increase value creation in the organization. We do this by deploying modules from the SPARQ360 VALUE CIRCLE™, which includes processes and technology to improve people ENGAGEMENT via dialogue, idea generation and innovation via IDEATION and simple structured LEAN/Agile mplementations via REALISATION. This solution is successfully used within several Private Equity firms in the USA.


Les Résultats

improved engagement

Improved engagement of operating companies and partners in PE Portfolio.


A transparent funnel of best practices from Operating companies and partners to share across the Group.


Change management, where employees & partners are actively involved in the process, increasing support for change and improving quality and cost efficiency.

sustainable culture

A sustainable culture that is focused on delivering policy, where people are empowered to improve their own working environment.


Standardized Lean/Agile implementation processes that can be used in small project teams and leveraged thru out the larger organization.

Étude de cas



A PE group was looking ways to improve engagement at their operating companies.


We deployed our Dialogue and Engagement solution to measure engagement and collect the main Themes that were influencing Engagement and performance. and creating buy-in and participation from the staff.


Engagement levels in 1 year showed a significant improvement as a result of engaging people through Engagement.

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A best in class Supply Chain is the perfect balance between service levels, costs, flexibility, reliability, risk, and innovation.. With our expertise in global 4PL Transport and warehouse management, IT, S&OP, SPARQ360 has generated over $1Billion savings Supply Chain spend. 

Today’s world of exponential change push organizations to adapt. It´s a matter of improve, innovate or die. How to stay one step ahead? SPARQ360 has a unique solution to activate the collective intelligence of the people in your organization to the max.

For any change to be sustainable, it needs to be embedded in a safe and trusted culture, and become part of the daily routine. Change becomes an opportunity, leadership supports, employees execute and are engaged. SPARQ360 helps you to create this culture. 

In this sector we help to increase profitability and sharing of best practices by deploying the SPARQ360 Value CircleTM.
Enabling PE’s to improve visibility and value growth across their portfolio.

We help to connect with citizens, implement effective processes for change and offer tools to communicate with stakeholders, communities to generate support and invite input for ideas.

 We engage with multiple hospitals and healthcare organizations to create better care, more cost efficiency and higher levels of employee engagement. 

Around the world we help clients  to optimize their supply chain. With our deep experience in 4PL  and global expertise we have generated large savings. 

For successful change, acceptance and support in the organization is crucial. Projects will fail without the decent buy in and involvement of the workforce. SPARQ360 helps to increase speed of change, people acceptance and program effectiveness.