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In 2016 SPARQ360 saw the light. As current co-founders we came together to share what was still an idea, a dream. It was time to awake our sleeping giant. Yes, knowing we had gold in our hands to make a difference if we would bundle our ideas, strengths, experience and knowledge. We do not just do innovation management. SPARQ360 is a company with a soul, fueled by our passion. We believe in who we are and what we offer. Making it a point to reflect our ways and values in our own company culture as well. Convinced of our methodology and the sustainable results this system will deliver, we started to build SPARQ36O.

Our SPARQ360 Value Circle™ methodology is based on extensive global experience in many sectors. You can enter our circle at any point, dependent on your perspective and need. We start with you from there.  It is a holistic approach to innovation management. Everyone is included, heard and recognized, giving them the opportunity to make a difference and deliver fast, tangible results.

Easily evaluates existing conditions with great insight based on an enormous amount of experience. Very capable of finding a great fit to address needs.

Excellent facilitator of continuous improvements. Strong client centric view & approach. Expert at supporting teams in becoming successful. 

Bright thinker. Strong analytic capacities. Knows the solution intuitively. Deep experience in leadership and innovation management.

Skills & Experience

Activating human collective intelligence
Board advisory
operational excellence
Supply chain consulting
Lean & continuous improvement

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