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Our ideation solution guarantees an effective and successful generation, enhancement and selection of ideas from your employees, clients and partners. You can launch ideation campaigns for open innovation or continuous improvement based on any theme, dependent on your needs. To inspire ideas, we will share trends and best practices from other industries. Our ideation technology will show the most active contributors per campaign, so you can select your key project team members for the realization phase. The idea funnel will show you in which stage of development each idea is. The entire process can be customized and acts like a structured workflow management tool that enables you to monitor progress and results.



Based on your objective, we design a dialogue program, select the best question dialogue templates (open, closed, multiple choice) to maximize your results. With our library of proven questions and templates we create the optimal dialogue to engage people.



In round 1 of the dialogue, we collect the individual opinions per question and allow for comments (limited to 220 characters per question). For each dialogue, you select your audience. The feedback is anonymous, allowing for a secure base to respond.



In round 2, each participant reflects on the opinions of others and selects a top 3 from a random selection of 20 responses from round 1. Based on the total votes of the collective, the top 5 answers for your organization are identified.



You will receive an analysis based on respondent attributes and a wealth of qualitative answers, condensed into themes, based on our unique text-mining algorithm. Our dynamic reporting tool allows you to take any snapshot or sample from the audience, revealing the true points of view within your organization.

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A best in class Supply Chain is the perfect balance between service levels, costs, flexibility, reliability, risk, and innovation.. With our expertise in global 4PL Transport and warehouse management, IT, S&OP, SPARQ360 has generated over $1Billion savings Supply Chain spend. 

Today’s world of exponential change push organizations to adapt. It´s a matter of improve, innovate or die. How to stay one step ahead? SPARQ360 has a unique solution to activate the collective intelligence of the people in your organization to the max.

For any change to be sustainable, it needs to be embedded in a safe and trusted culture, and become part of the daily routine. Change becomes an opportunity, leadership supports, employees execute and are engaged. SPARQ360 helps you to create this culture. 

In this sector we help to increase profitability and sharing of best practices by deploying the SPARQ360 Value CircleTM.
Enabling PE’s to improve visibility and value growth across their portfolio.

We help to connect with citizens, implement effective processes for change and offer tools to communicate with stakeholders, communities to generate support and invite input for ideas.

 We engage with multiple hospitals and healthcare organizations to create better care, more cost efficiency and higher levels of employee engagement. 

Around the world we help clients  to optimize their supply chain. With our deep experience in 4PL  and global expertise we have generated large savings. 

For successful change, acceptance and support in the organization is crucial. Projects will fail without the decent buy in and involvement of the workforce. SPARQ360 helps to increase speed of change, people acceptance and program effectiveness.