We activate the human collective intelligence

We help you to solve the top priority problems that require an immediate solutionOur focus is on reducing costs, optimizing operational performance and improving the engagement of your people
We unlock the collective knowledge of the human intelligence within your organization or community and augment it with our extensive experience. We activate the collective intelligence by inviting as many people as possible to provide their input on a particular challenge.  

We scale our solutions with technology, in order to reach and engage with large numbers of your employees, clients and stakeholders that may be geographically dispersed.  We discover and uncover “top-of-mind” themes, opportunities, and ideas that address the challenges of today through virtual dialogue and ideation.  SPARQ360 helps implement the new projects and improvements so that your organization realizes the benefits. We combine people, process and technology to create momentum and deliver results. 


Sustainable change needs to be embedded in a secure base culture and a high level of employee engagement. We help you build this engagement and track real-time engagement preventing employee turnover.

Change management

For successful change, acceptance and support in the organization is crucial. Projects will fail without the decent buy-in and invol-vement of the workforce. SPARQ360 helps to increase speed of change, people acceptance and program effectiveness.

operational excellence

Today’s world of exponential change demands organizations to constantly adapt their operations to the new normal. SPARQ360 has a unique solution to uncover the knowledge and ideas of everyone to achieve sustainable operational excellence.

supply chain consulting

A best-in-class supply chain is the perfect balance between service levels, costs, flexibility, reliability & innovation. With our expertise in global supply chain, we have optimized over $1,2bn spend and generated substantial savings.

board advisory

We understand the strategic challenges on Board level and the associated alignment and governance issues. We help with M&A, Due dillegence and purpose driven strategy development.


To become sustainable as an organization, you need to get all stakeholders incl. employees, suppliers and clients engaged and share best practices and ideas where possible. We provide the best in class solution for that.
At SPARQ360, we want to bring the SPARQ back into organizations and help them change easier and faster. By activating the people and their collective intelligence, you can increase engagement and collect a wealth of ideas to support your strategy, innovation agenda or change management program. Our 360-degree approach allows for a model where everyone can participate, progress is transparent and results are delivered to all stakeholders.

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We activate the collective intelligence across multiple locations which enables organizations to adapt / innovate faster and better.

supply chain

We help shippers and logistics providers optimizes their supply chains through our experience and LEAN methodologies. We have generated significant costs savings and service improvements globally.


We work with multiple healthcare organizations around the world. We help drive better care and improved cost efficiency. Additionally, SPARQ360 enables higher levels of employee engagement and innovation.

government & non-profit

We help governments and organizations connect with their citizens and members. We have tools and processes that allows better communication to generate support for changes and improvements.

private equities

We drive cost efficiency and portfolio optimization for Private Equity organizations. We drive best practices and activate the collective intelligence across the organizations.

supply chain consulting

supply chain expertise at your fingertips

Supply chains need to be better, faster, cheaper, and greener everywhere all the time. Looking to create a continuous improving sustainable supply chain?

circle transparent
Our ‘Value Circle’ starts with virtual dialogue where we uncover the themes and opinions that are top of mind. We then organize ideation campaigns around these themes and invite everyone to provide ideas. As a last step we then run specific programs or projects to implement the selected ideas and realize the value of the activation of the collective intelligence. Throughout the process we measure and monitor the impact on the actual engagement in the organization. The Value circle is an ongoing process and based on spiral of Co-creation. You can enter the circle at any point, dependent on where your biggest challenges are.
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“The open exchange of ideas is believed by our society to be the best mechanism for the ultimate evolution of solutions.

- Sadofsky

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