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We help you kick start, accelerate, or operate your sustainability program. 

To live meaningful lives, to create value and to continue to exist requires conscious, intentional centering of sustainability as a core value and constant focus of any organization.
The challenge is to question status quo and reconsider the way we interact with society and our environment. From the selection of materials to the manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal of our products (and packaging), everything impacts the planet. SPARQ helps you successfully embed, develop and expand consciousness of sustainability into your organization and business operations. From Noble and Worthy to Vital for the Future in a Single Decade Most major global brands are well underway with sustainability initiatives, development and regular reporting. But many have waited until external pressures – from increasingly values-based consumer purchasing, governmental regulations or Triple Bottom Line reporting requirements – dictate immediate action. SPARQ360 frames its client work based on key structures such as _____, _____, [INSERT THE ESG and CSR pieces as drilldowns] and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targeted for achievement by 2030.
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Maturity level

Critical success factors

Source: CSCMP  2021 State of Supply Chain Sustainability Report

USE UN SDGs as a framework to create a strong strategy and drive performance.

All organizations profit and have a clear interest driving progress toward the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) outcome. Thus, create shared value, help to secure the ability to generate capital and shareholder value over the long-term. Support resilient communities, reliable access to natural resources, and an educated and healthy population to support their workforce. Let purpose become the focus to create long-lasting positive change.

To meet the new global targets and obligations, organizations need to change and act.
• The United Nations set clear targets by the UN Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG’s)
• New agreements were struck during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in 2021.
• The European Union (EU) launched a new directive in 2021, called CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) that requires active and obligatory planning, execution and reporting of ESG initiatives of companies with business in the EU, starting 2023.

SPARQ360 meets you where you are to engage & deliver.

SPARQ360 offers three solutions to fit the varying levels of maturity and ambition to center sustainability culture in your organization.  We can accommodate and help regardless of where you are in your sustainability journey.   Our three solutions are:

01 Initiate.

Helping you as an organization to get started and deliver results.

02 Accelerate.

Helping you as an organizations to get to the next level.

03 Operate.

Helping to support you manage a sustainability program in an effective way on an ongoing basis.

01 Initiate.

This is the right service offering if you currently have no or only limited sustainability or ESG plan(s) in place. We help organizations develop and/or implement the plan and achieve related reporting faster and more effectively than possible without expert guidance. Count on SPARQ360 to help you get started and deliver results.

02 Accelerate.

The SPARQ360 acceleration program is a highly effective combination of people, process and technology that helps organizations to get to the next level. You may have a strategy in place and ownership of the initiatives defined but are not seeing the change and results at the desired pace. We can help increase awareness, engagement, and collaboration between internal and external stakeholders like employees, multiple branches, suppliers, partners, and clients. Our unique methodology, the SPARQ360 Value Circle™, is developed to activate collective intelligence in organizations and generate maximum engagement and participation of stakeholders in sustainability programs. Speeding and energizing the process with your PEOPLE, SPARQ tools and technology support awareness, engagement, and ideation. Gamification options energize participation and clear workflow processes guarantee effective execution and results. We are flexible and can provide these tools as stand-alone technology or combined with SPARQ360 processes and consultancy support.
Our technology is unique and combines the functionality of multiple systems under one button in our SUSTAINABILITY360 app. This app is modular and can be configured to the customer needs. It provides all required information on stakeholder engagement, training, ideas, best practices, Carbon reporting, management dashboards and related news. Your full sustainability Journey under one button.

03 Operate

SPARQ360 can support you on an ongoing basis as an extension of your team with sole focus on sustainability plans and execution. We can pull in and manage key activities from our INITIATE and ACCELERATE programs at this phase, where needed. SPARQ supports you in the ongoing reporting and provides you with industry updates on sustainability to drive new initiatives. Our sustainability specialists act as your own team members and represent you to your external stakeholders, from partners and suppliers to clients. This solution can be customized to your needs to assure the perfect fit with your team.

With SPARQ360 as your partner to INITIATE, ACCELERATE or OPERATE your sustainability or ESG program, effectiveness will double digit increase.

  • Our Initiate solution helps you to get started if you do not have the resources or knowledge.
  • Our Accelerate solution increases awareness and engagement of the stakeholders. It inspires people, generates, and collects innovative ideas and implements them effectively.
  • Our Operate solution combines the best of both and provides you with ongoing tailor-made support.

SPARQ360 meets you where you are to engage & deliver.

SPARQ360 offers three solutions to fit the varying levels of maturity and ambition to center sustainability culture in your organization.  We can accommodate and help regardless of where you are in your sustainability journey.   Our three solutions are:

Improve your brand reputation

Meet customer requirements

Attract new labor talent and increase employee satisfaction

Meet legal and governmental obligations

Increase your contribution to People, Profit and Planet in a sustainable way.

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