Case study


  • Service

  • Region

  • A large European logistics provider with strong growth thru acquisitions, had the need to improve the sales processes and organization within their 27 offices in 7 countries
  • SPARQ360 deployed the value circle to engage all employees in the group through reflective dialogue and captured a sales SWOT analysis
  • A clear list of top themes and volunteers to join the program
  • SPARQ360 ideation and realization solutions supported the client’s further rollout of 18 improvement projects
  • A structured, successful sales improvement program, approved by the workforce, that covered the needs and ideas of the organization.
  • It identified of ambassadors within the organization who supported the change and made it happen
  • The SPARQ360 Value Circle™ prompted the start of a culture and mindset of continuous improvement with effective tools and processes to engage the staff, generate and improve new ideas and implement a simple standardized process and workflow.

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