Case study


  • Service

  • Region

  • A member organization for all HealthCare personnel in NL with active community over half a million members
  • Need to improve engagement of members
  • Need to generate ideas on selected sector challenges
  • Deployment of SPARQ360 Dialogue solution on 2 selected themes related to work pressure amongst care personnel in the healthcare sector
  • A selection of 10.000 community members invited for a 2 rounds dialogue with 3 questions.
  • Participants came very different organizations like regional and university hospitals, care & elderly homes and homecare organizations
  • 65% participation rate
  • More then 1000 useable ideas and suggestions generated
  • Better understanding on the top 5 themes of the total community and subsectors
  • Several follow up projects launched to further develop the top 5 themes of the total community and subsectors
  • Improved engagement of community.
  • A clear understanding of the top 5 themes of the community
  • 1000 ideas that can help to solve part of the sector challenges
  • Excellent starting point for further sector collaboration

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