Case study


  • Service

  • Region

  • High turnover and low morale
  • Totally decentralized workforce and very limited contact with managers
  • Employees not engaged and did not feel like part of the company
  • A full Motivational Survey and Engagement Assessment
  • Determined, quantitatively, what is important to the employees
  • Helped management and employees align objectives
  • Conducted a multi-round Dialogue event to focus on improvement opportunities
  • Engagement and Dialogue solutions\enhanced employee moral
  • Previously distressed lines of communication were restored
  • Morale with the employees increased and thus service to the customers
  • Cost reductions in turnover
  • Established trust and continuity within the organization – Aligned Purpose
  • Energized Employees looking for ways to improve
  • Reduced turnover due to employees’ engagement with the Company
  • Reduced Recruiting and Training expense
  • Improved customer service with happier employees, process alignment /optimization and improved communication

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