Case study


  • Service

  • Region

  • A non-profit organization focused on healthy and sustainable food
  • Need to increase momentum and awareness with all stakeholders in the Healthcare sector
  • Need to identify Opportunities for and Roadblocks to actual change and generate ideas on selected sector challenges
  • Deployment of SPARQ360 Dialogue solution on the theme of Awareness of benefits of healthy and sustainable food in the Healthcare sector
  • A selection of > 250 policy makers and executives among all stakeholders across the entire healthcare sector: Hospitals, Policy makers, Food suppliers etc.
  • A collaborative dialogue for a 2 rounds dialogue with 3 questions taking 5 weeks in total
  • Very high (71%) participation rate
  • More then 2500 unique opinions and suggestions generated
  • Clear picture on level of awareness of all stakeholder groups and understanding of priority issues to address
  • Follow up program with 6 streams now developed across entire sector
  • Improved awareness and momentum across all stakeholders in the Healthcare sector
  • A clear understanding of level of awareness and priority issues
  • A sound basis for the development of a 3 year plan
  • Excellent starting point for further sector collaboration

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Photo by Adele Payman on Unsplash