Aligned Leadership

Aware, guided by purpose, visionary.

  • Aligned Leadership

Aware, guided by purpose, visionary.

When leadership is aligned, it can provide guidance, inspiration and vision. Sharing your perspective, being aware of your leadership style, patterns and capabilities will enhance team alignment and flow. This alignment eradicates tension and resistance and will help you to create energy and synergy, make the shift from survival mode to creation mode.

We will show you how the energy level of your organization is directly related to the success of your organization. We help you raise your awareness and energy and that of your organization. We will work with you on a deeper subconscious level, where the behavioral drivers reside and where real change is made.

The leadership style is sense and respond and heart centered. If applied effectively, all people will be aware of their role and responsibility and will be aware on how they can contribute to the whole.

“The objective of your organization is purpose, not profit. Profit is like the air we breathe, we need air to live but we don’t live to breath.”

Frederic Laloux

  • Inspiring Purpose

Purpose is the guiding mechanism for the organization, the true North and the reason why the organization lives and breathes, the core of its existence. This is where we envision the future and translate this into a purpose that is relevant, appealing and evolutionary. This purpose reflects a holistic long-term perspective of the organization and is inclusive of people, profit and all its stakeholders and supports innovation. When people relate to this purpose and understand what it means for their personal role and behavior, they will be inspired, passionate, engaged and willing to change and adapt.

  • Defining Success

Changing your success definition will profoundly change the perspective and behavior of your organization. Our ROI4 definition defines success as Financial Return (Profit), Social Return (People), Stakeholder Return and Return on Innovation. The ROI4 return is a sum of ALL 4 elements. If the created value is retained in the organization, it can serve as an accelerator and multiplier for further growth and development. By doing this, the system will grow and feed on itself and create more and more value until there is abundant value for all.

  • Visionary Strategy

When leadership is aligned to purpose, supported by empowered employees, it creates space for the leadership to spend more time to reflecting and thinking about the future. We can finally slow down and spend more time for listening & sensing, motivating & facilitating, instead of instructing & directing. There is more room for intuition, synchronicity and trusting the flow. Translating purpose and success definition into a visionary strategy, supported by an annual strategic house with objectives and SMART targets will assist in making your strategy tangible and transparent.

  • Core Energy Dynamics

To unleash the potential of your organization and eliminate the roadblocks, you must dig deeper and address the invisible layers of the self that lie at the core of all sustainable behavioral change. We address the invisible layers that drive the beliefs, perceptions and behavior. It is here where the foundation of sustainable value creation resides. Yet, most organizations are unaware of the underlying patterns that make individuals and groups behave like they do.

We will make you aware of 4 major energy blocks that drive thoughts, emotions and behavior. By addressing this deeper layer, we are eliminating limiting beliefs and assumptions, allowing roadblocks to be removed and energy to flow. Best of all, you will come to realize and experience that wisdom, creativity and all the knowledge you need, lies within you!
When this happens, the energy will be lifted to a higher level that attracts greater opportunities.

  • How we work

We work with you as a unique business. We pay attention to who you are and where you are: the issues you face, in your organization and the marketplace, the vision, strategy and ideas you have. We’re not going to fit you into an off-the-shelf business model template or implement a huge change program that will take years to complete. Nor will we hold your hand every detailed step. We are extremely curious in what makes you tick, what makes you shine. If needed, we can be diplomatic or direct, not hesitant to ask the difficult question. All of what we do is helping you finding the right solution for you.

We believe this transformation starts from within, with the leader and/or leadership team. The more open you are, the easier the journey is. It is all up to you. We will work with you to integrate the new perspective and stay close to you until you have implemented it into your specific organizational setting, your language. Guiding you along the way, sensing, reflecting. And being practical, pragmatic and solutions driven.

We are not prescriptive but listen and sense what is needed