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6 steps to Idea Realization

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Six steps to Idea Realization

Idea Realization in a nutshell

Idea Realization. Most people have heard about it but only some are familiar with the concept of Idea Realization. Every now and then someone comes up with an idea that seems worthwhile pursuing. This particular idea might be it. A ticket to freedom and another life. Yes, in general people believe that a good idea can make you a fortune, as it did for some. Sadly on an individual level most ideas never get realized.

What about the many great ideas floating around in companies, locked up in people’s heads or even written down waiting to be materialized. There is a huge potential and power in the collective intelligence of people.
However in many organizations, amazing ideas with large potential are living in people’s heads. But they need to become tangible first to be taken through a process to test them and guide them into existence, if they pass the test. The challenge is to select the best ones, improve and implement them and evaluate the benefits. Now that is Idea Realization in a nutshell.

A treasure hunt

A treasure hunt. A lot of companies are not aware of the treasures they have in the form of ideas or if they do esteem these ideas they often do not know how to find the gold, so to speak. It is similar and as exciting as a treasure hunt; the gold is there but it is hidden. We need to start out on a journey to find it. Just like in the movies however we do need a map as well. Once the map and the steps are clear it is not that difficult and mysterious anymore to find the treasure.

Why should we pursue ideas and set up a process to catch, select and take the effort to realize them? Ideas are treasures worthwhile to be found or caught. One good idea or more can make all the difference to a company, it’s success, its growth. Actually Idea Realization is a way of creating new or improved services and products, sustainable cost savings and process improvements. Capitalizing on an idea is a serious matter but overlooked still. Many ideas die an early dead or even worse never get born.

Stumble blocks

Companies, leaders, managers who are interested in realizing ideas often do not know how to go about it exactly. They do not have the specific knowledge, right resources, tools or even mindset in place tot do it. They know about making profit, keeping the budget which are tangible.

There are stumble blocks on the road to Idea Realization:

  • NO TIME busy agenda’s
  • NO MONEY resources cost money
  • NO PRIORITY short term versus long term profit

Lack of knowledge. Once the above hurdles are taken we come to the most important reason why companies are unable to capitalize on the existing ideas within their company. They actually do not know how to catch an idea, run with it and unlock its potential. We will take you through 6 steps to give an overview and clarify the process of this treasure hunt in modern times.



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